Is prescription drug coverage part of my medical coverage?

Is prescription drug coverage part of my medical coverage?

July 17, 2023

You'll need to look at your health insurance policy--not all medical plans are alike. A comprehensive health insurance policy contains several types of coverage. If you have major medical insurance coverage as part of your health plan, prescription drug coverage may well be included.

Major medical coverage is designed to protect you against losses from catastrophic illness or injury. Comprehensive major medical is especially broad and covers many additional expenses. Although coverage varies from one plan to another, most major medical policies include coverage for prescription drugs.

Read your policy carefully to see if prescription drugs are covered. Even if they are, be aware that out-of-pocket costs may apply. For example, many health plans require you to pay a co-payment (e.g., $10) every time you buy prescription medication. Typically, a higher co-payment is charged if you buy brand-name drugs, rather than generic drugs.

If your health plan provides inadequate prescription drug coverage (or none at all), you might explore ways to supplement your coverage. For example, you may be able to buy a separate prescription drug plan from an insurance company.